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Training Video Production

How do you train the TikTok generation to sell your products?

Why Invest in Training Videos?

Retailers face many challenges in today's environment. Turnover is high and attention spans are low. Product training is critical to success in a retail environment, and yet it is one of the most difficult aspects to maintain.

Brands also have their own hurdles. Getting a sales trainer live in front of staff is expensive and often unrealistic, particularly for customers that are further afield. 

Professionally crafted training videos are ideal solutions to these roadblocks. Utilizing training platform hubs like, your brand can reach hundreds of retailers and thousands of employees. 

How We Can Help

Through our blend of pet industry and film production experience, we are uniquely suited to support you and your brand in producing your training videos. 

Script Development

We work with you to create a clear and concise script so the key elements of your brand are communicated effectively to pet retail employees.

Video Production

We set up, light, film, and edit your videos. With expert gear and know-how, your videos will look great in all formats. We ensure your video specs align with platform needs.


Visually interesting content has longer-lasting impact. We brainstorm with you to maximize the ways your messaging is conveyed. 

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