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Sales Support

From outside sales representation to strategy, relationship management and beyond, we can set you up for success in growing sales sustainably and efficiently. No matter your needs, we customize solutions and guidance to best suit your particular circumstances, values and goals.

Sales Representation

We can serve as your primary outside sales representation to brick & mortar pet stores within North Carolina or as remote inside sales support covering the entire US.

Sales Training

Our expertise can help empower your sales team through training on product knowledge, consultative sales techniques, and customer engagement.

Trade Show Representation

We offer comprehensive trade show services, including booth development and asset creation. We can work shows for or with you to maximize these resource and energy intensive experiences.

Sales Strategy

We will work with you to develop a sales strategy to maximize revenue and market share that builds lasting partnerships all within your value system.

Sales Operations

We integrate technologies and manage data to streamline sales functions, boosting revenue and freeing up bandwidth for your team.

B2B Relationship Management

We can support you in building and maintaining strategic partnerships with outside parties at all levels, including manufacturers, distributors, retailers and more.

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