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Ethics & Policies

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence tools like ChatGPT are very powerful. Depending on how they are used, they can be supportive or detrimental to humanity at large.

Generally speaking, I feel that we're charging ahead without thinking through many of the implications of their use. Artistic careers run the risk of disappearing almost overnight. The ability to write copy or create images in an instant simply to have fodder to share is tantalizing to many people and businesses.

But if we turn into a society spoon-feeding art and expressions created by machines to one another, eventually everything will start to look the same and the whimsy and love that humans are uniquely equipped to express will vanish.

In light of that, here is the official stance of Bowlful Pet on how we choose to engage with AI tech. We reserve the right to update or change this view over time:

  • AI tools are incredible at organizing and structuring information. We may utilize AI tools in backend administrative work, or for helping to organize thoughts or outline written projects.

  • For writing that is primarily informational in nature, AI tech may be utilized to augment the writing process. However, any writing that includes any amount of AI-generated copy will be expressly labeled or tagged as "AI-assisted" or "AI-generated."

  • No work will be published that includes copy that is predominantly AI-generated.

  • Any written content that is an expression of a value, opinion, or any other communication of a personal nature will never be AI-generated.

  • Any content that includes the author's signature will never be AI generated.


We feel it is important for everyone to know if what they are viewing is AI-generated or not. It's a tricky world out there as technologies advance at rapid paces. We endeavor to be clear and straightforward on where these technologies are used and where they are not. These policies apply to any guest content as well.

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Last updated 6/17/2024

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